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Congenital hyperinsulinism: A serious yet poorly understood condition

Diabetes is characterized by a deficiency of insulin. The opposite is the case in congenital hyperinsulinism: patients produce the hormone in excessive quantities. This leads to chronic hypoglycemia. The disorder can lead to serious brain damage and even death in the worst cases....

Memory decline after head injury may be prevented by slowing brain cell growth

Scientists say a new study indicates that the excessive burst of new brain cells after a traumatic head injury that researchers have traditionally believed helped in recovery could instead lead to epileptic seizures and long-term cognitive decline....

45 percent of parents experience depression, anxiety and stress when newborns leave NICU

Almost half of parents whose children were admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit experienced postpartum depressive symptoms, anxiety and stress when their newborns were discharged from the hospital....

SIDS research confirms changes in babies' brain chemistry

Researchers have confirmed that abnormalities in a common brain chemical are linked to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)....

Premature infants may get metabolic boost from mom's breast milk

The breast milk of mothers with premature babies has different amounts of microRNA than that of mothers with babies born at term, which may help premature babies catch up in growth and development, according to researchers....

Infants with congenital Zika virus syndrome suffer serious visual impairment

There is a broad collection of anomalies now known as congenital Zika syndrome (CZS). Some of the most serious are ophthalmologic. Two articles evaluated visual function among infants with suspected and confirmed CZS. Both studies found that while about 40 percent of patients had ocular abnormalities, 100 percent of children tested had visual impairment. Thus, cortical visual impairment might be the most common cause of blindness among children with CZS....

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  • ire Truck Chunky Puzzle

    ire Truck Chunky Puzzle
    This extra thick puzzle includes eighteen easy-grasp, chunky wooden pieces that when assembled, feature a bright red fire engine racing to put out a fire. Full-...(more)

    $29.00 More Details
  • Pets Chunky Puzzle

    Pets Chunky Puzzle
    Happy pets play in the yard on this extra thick wooden puzzle that includes eight easy-grasp, chunky pet pieces. Each pet animal can stand upright for pretend ...(more)

    $29.00 More Details
  • Vehicles Chunky Puzzle

    Vehicles Chunky Puzzle
    On the road, on the rails, by sea or by air, imaginations travel far and wide with this extra thick wooden puzzle. Featuring nine easy-grasp, chunky vehicle pi...(more)

    $29.00 More Details
  • Construction Chunky Puzzle

    Construction Chunky Puzzle
    Digging dirt, moving earth or just driving down the road, construction vehicles are captivating. This extra thick wooden puzzle includes six easy-grasp, chunky...(more)

    $29.00 More Details
  • Sea Creatures Chunky Puzzle

    Sea Creatures Chunky Puzzle
    A whale, a shark and an octopus are just three of the seven easy-grasp, chunky sea creatures in this extra thick wooden puzzle. The pieces, each with a full-co...(more)

    $29.00 More Details
  • Insects Chunky Puzzle

    Insects Chunky Puzzle
    A wooden puzzle, featuring a glorious garden and seven easy-grasp, chunky bug- and insect-shaped pieces that can stand upright for pretend play. Each piece has...(more)

    $29.00 More Details
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