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J.J. Barnes: I Understand Not Wanting Children

Ill hasten to point out that I dont in any way regret my decision to be a mother.† This is not a what a mistake type thought.† Indeed, I truly wouldnt have it any other way and if I went back in time Id still have sex with my idio...

34 Hilariously Honest Cards For Pregnant Moms-To-Be

Giving a card is a great way to congratulate a loved one on her pregnancy. But sometimes the sentimental messages found in the greeting card aisle don... pRead more: a href=/tag/arts-and-entertainmentArts and Entertai...

Professor Lesley Regan: Why Maternal Mental Health Matters

img alt=all women everywhere src= width=300 height=35 /br / We must address the stigma associated with mental health. We heard from many women that they fear being seen as a bad mother...

Meaghan Grant: You Deserve Your Own Definition Of 'Natural' Childbirth

If you tell someone you are planning an unmedicated birth, you are met with a grin and nod in that uh-huh, you are going to be begging for an epidural kind of way. If you say you are planning an epidural, they wax poetic about the...

Beth Clark: Excuse Me, Your Motherhood is Showing

Jumping into my car, I caught sight of myself in the rear view mirror. Both kids were buckled into their overpriced car seats and we were heading some... pRead more: a href=/tag/motherhoodMotherhood/a, a href=/tag/par...

Lucy Griffiths: When 'I Need A Wee' Becomes More Than Desperate

The morning after I gave birth, I got out of bed, and a cascade of wee followed. I had lost all my bladder control. It was so humiliating, and really embarrassing to try and get the nursing staff to come and clean up. ...

Helen Miller: Devices for listening to your baby's heartbeat at home: False reassurance

I urge all pregnant to think before you making a purchase. Midwives and doctors are trained to use these devices. For a health professional, listening to a babys heartbeat needs to be understood along with the physiology of pregna...

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