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Flint's water crisis led to fewer babies and higher fetal death rates, researchers find

An estimated 275 fewer children were born in Flint, Michigan, while the city was using lead-contaminated water from the Flint River, according to new research findings....

Preterm children have more medical sleep problems but fall asleep more independently

A new study suggests that while healthy preterm children have more medical sleep problems than full-term children, they are more likely to fall asleep independently....

Premature births cost health plans $6 billion annually

A new study estimates employer-sponsored health plans spent at least $6 billion extra on infants born prematurely in 2013 and a substantial portion of that sum was spent on infants with major birth defects....

Oxidative stress produces damage linked with increased risk of preterm birth

A group of scientists has gained new insights into what factors can lead to preterm birth. The researchers sought to understand what leads to early microfractures and focused on oxidative stress....

Infection in pregnant pigs leads to antisocial piglets

When a pregnant woman gets a bad case of the flu, her immune system may react in a way that affects her baby’s developing brain, which could lead to behavioral disorders like autism in the child or schizophrenia in the young adult...

Congenital hyperinsulinism: A serious yet poorly understood condition

Diabetes is characterized by a deficiency of insulin. The opposite is the case in congenital hyperinsulinism: patients produce the hormone in excessive quantities. This leads to chronic hypoglycemia. The disorder can lead to serio...

Memory decline after head injury may be prevented by slowing brain cell growth

Scientists say a new study indicates that the excessive burst of new brain cells after a traumatic head injury that researchers have traditionally believed helped in recovery could instead lead to epileptic seizures and long-term ...