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Ob-Gyns Release Revised Recommendations on Screening and Testing for Genetic Disorders

All women need accurate information in order to make appropriate decisions regarding the various forms of genetic screening and diagnostic testing available in pregnancy. Importantly, these decisions must align with each individual womans values, goals, and preferences. In an effort to clarify the purposes of and differences between prenatal genetic screening and prenatal genetic diagnostic testing, and to aid practitioners in giving women the information they seek, today the American College of...

ACOG Recommends Postpartum Pain Management Approach Tailored to Patients

Evidence shows that women experience pain in variable ways during the early postpartum period. As such, providers should engage in a shared decision-making approach to pain management instead of relying on a pre-defined number of tablets or duration. If used, opioids should only be prescribed for the shortest reasonable course expected for treating pain....

Joint Principles on Opioid Crisis Call for Comprehensive, Public Health Approach to Addiction Treatment

Leaders of six medical organizations representing more than 560,000 physicians and medical students called on Congress today to adopt policies that recognize opioid use disorder (OUD) as a chronic disease of the brain that requires comprehensive treatment....

Ob-Gyns Have Important Role on Care Team for Women with Eating Disorders

Ob-gyns may be one of the first health care providers an adolescent or young woman encounters with warning signs or symptoms of an eating disorder and the new Committee Opinion aims to equip ob-gyns with appropriate knowledge to ensure patients receive comprehensive care.  ...

Joint Principles for Protecting the Patient-Physician Relationship

Our organizations, which represent more than 400,000 physicians and medical students, call on policymakers to join us in preserving the patient-physician relationship by ensuring that the practice of medicine is not unduly impeded by government interference....

Ob-Gyns Stress the Importance of Postpartum Care: The Fourth Trimester

Although it is recommended that all women undergo a comprehensive visit within the first 6 weeks after birth, as many as 40% of women do not attend a postpartum visit. In order to optimize postpartum care for patients and to promote continuation of care through a woman’s lifespan, today, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) released a new Committee Opinion to guide women’s health care providers on how to best care for new mothers....