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Latch-on: Simple solutions to common breastfeeding problems

pAny mom who says breastfeeding is easy just doesn’t remember the first few weeks! At some point every new mother has difficulty breastfeeding. If you have been advised to supplement with formula, don’t give up on breastfeeding en...

Blue lips, hands and feet mean a warm heart

pBabies can be colorful – literally. A young mother noticed that after she nursed her six-week-old baby boy the skin around the baby’s lips was always blue. He didn’t seem in distress, and would lay peacefully afterward in her arm...

How to decorate a smart baby’s nursery

pDecorating the nursery isn’t just fun – it’s also important for a baby’s development. According to baby vision researchers you can enhance a child’s visual development by giving her a rich and interesting environment and ta...

Don’t blame teething for baby’s ills

pTeething has had a bad reputation for over 5000 years. Hippocrates, Homer, and Aristotle associated teething with serious diseases1. Since then teething has been blamed for ailments from seizures, to infections like cholera, meni...

How to rehydrate kids with stomach flu

pMost kids don’t need intravenous (IV) fluids to get back on their feet after a bout of vomiting or diarrhea. Here’s what you need to know to get through the stomach flu: Give frequent, small sips of fluids. Offer a drink even if ...

What’s autism, what’s not?

pDon’t freak out if you catch your child head-banging, echoing others words’ or hand flapping. Yes, those are symptoms of autism, but they don’t define your child as having an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Every regular developi...

Radio interview: Scary Baby Symptoms – HealthCetera – WBAI Radio

pLISTEN TO THE SHOW – originally aired Sept, 22, 2017 on WBAI Radio, Boston. A three week old baby boy with persistent nasal congestion since birth, but otherwise seems fine. A four-day old female who appears to have swollen...