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Charcoal aux Bualo Carry All Diaper Bag - OI-6596 - Baby Gear sku

Charcoal aux Bualo Carry All Diaper Bag - OI-6596 by OiOi Diaper Bags

Item description: This Baby Gear Designer Diaper Bags product is by OiOi Diaper Bags - OiOi mixes functionality with beautiful bag designs for parents. Latest Faux Buffalo in Charcoal New ! Textured, soft touch carryall with OiOi Jacquard Lining! faux buffalo NEW OiOi Jacquard Lining two main compartments with elasticised and zip pockets outer zip pocket for wallets, keys, mobile phone etc. two front exterior pockets with zipper elasticised exterior side pockets detachable stroller straps matching nylon lining and accessories large padded OiOi Jacquard lining change mat insulated OiOi Jacquard bottle holder - insulation 2 hours pvc zip top wet purse pvc OiOi wipes case faux buffalo detachable strap faux buffalo double handle straps antique nickle hardware protective metal feet on base USA- diaper bag Height: 11", Width: 18", Gusset: 7.5"... Learn More

Manufacturer: OiOi Diaper Bags begin life in style

Category: Designer Diaper Bags


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Popular Chevron Printed Microfibre. The dissolving chevron print is a modern take on this well loved geo theme. We have used lightly layered elements to add a dimension of depth. We love the contrasting colour palette that really makes this print come to life. printed nylon microfibre with patent pu trim one main internal compartment with elasticised pockets rose nylon lining and accessories outer pockets for mobile phone 5cm wide nylon web adjustable shoulder strap large padded microfib ...See The Price
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Pretty. A Victorian spirit is evoked through Cloudy greys and pineapple tones in antique paisley harmony for all the romantic mothers! Print microfibre with gunmetal patent pu trim 5cm nylon web adjustable shoulder strap deep external feature pockets for drinks and personal items back pocket with mag snap closure one main internal compartment with elasticised pockets water resistant nylon lining and accessories gunmetal adjustable hardware fixed stroller straps large padded microfibre ...See The Price