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Jul 25, Can a preschool board game boost math skills?

Studies suggest the answer is yes...if the game has these particular features....

Jul 20, Are confining social rules and stereotypes interfering with your child's intellectual growth?

Societies everywhere sort people into categories, and children are paying attention. Children notice social stereotypes about gender, race, and socioeconomic status. And the effects arent good. Read about stereotype threat and the ways we can help children overcome it....

Jul 18, The authoritative parenting style

The authoritative parenting style emphasizes warmth, sensitivity, reasoning, and letting limits. Its frequently hailed as the best way to raise children. But what exactly sets authoritative parenting apart How do experts decide if youre an authoritative parent, or practicing some other parenting style And why, exactly, do researchers think authoritativeness breeds success...

Jul 11, Why talking with our hands can help children reason and learn

The evidence is compelling. Children learn better when we talk with our hands. And kids who gesture themselves develop better skills. Are you a gesturer Is your child Read about the science of gesturing....

Jun 28, Working memory tips: Helping kids reach their full potential

Working memory is crucial for success. Its influences a childs ability to follow directions, learn to read, and achieve in mathematics. What can adults do to help children improve their performance Check out these 7 evidence-based tips....

Jun 20, Authoritarianism: How does it affect children?

In a world where authoritarian values threaten democracy and human rights, its worth asking how authoritarian parenting affects kids. Does it make a difference -- in childrens behavior, achievements, and mental health Research suggests the answer is yes, and the outcomes arent reassuring. Kids raised by authoritarian parents tend to develop more behavior problems over time. They are also more likely to experience social and emotional difficulties. And they may even perform worse in the cla...

Nest Bleecker Diaper Bag in Black - NST-SPD10-200 - Baby Gear sku

Nest Bleecker Diaper Bag in Black - NST-SPD10-200 by Nest Diaper Bags

Item description: This Baby Gear Designer Diaper Bags product is by Nest Diaper Bags - Perfectly pleated in every way by Nest Diaper Bags. Feminine accents on the Bleecker are fashioned in a canvas-look nylon and polished off with cool silver hardware and a little shine. VEGAN *12" H x 17" W x 7" D *Nylon Canvas/Faux Patent Leather Trim *Custom hardware *Exclusive lining *Come in 2 great colors: Black or Gray... Learn More

Manufacturer: Nest Diaper Bags begin life in style

Category: Designer Diaper Bags


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