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Nov 16, How kids learn math and science: Stimulate learning by asking kids to explain

Research suggests we can help kids learn math and science by asking them to explain and teach. But there are pitfalls. Heres how to strike the right balance....

Nov 9, When bullies bully others

Bully-victims tend to be the most psychologically disturbed kids in school. Left alone, they dont improve, and they pose risks to themselves and others. We cant afford to ignore their problems....

Nov 2, Paleontology and dinosaurs for kids: Tips for getting children hooked on science

Your childs natural interest in dinosaurs is an outstanding opportunity to teach lessons about biology, evolution, and science. But kids wont learn these things on their own. They might even pick up misconceptions. Heres an evidence-based guide for turning your young dinosaur enthusiast into a budding scientist....

Oct 25, Attachment Parenting: What is it, and what are its effects?

Attachment parenting has been the subject of controversy. What does the research tell us How does it affect kids Not surprisingly, it depends on how we define attachment parenting....

Oct 19, Can we prevent bullying? Evidence-based insights and tips

Research has some clear messages for us, if only we will listen. Here is an overview of efforts to stop bullying and change the way kids behave: What approaches have worked, what hasnt worked, and what might work in the future....

Oct 11, What does the evidence tell us about feeding newborns?

The best bet is to feed newborns whenever they show signs of hunger, and end feeding sessions when they indicate theyve had enough. Its also important for breastfeeding women to feed frequently, to stimulate the production of mature milk. But should we put all the pressure on exhausted new mothers I can find no evidence in favor of denying mothers a 4 hour stretch of postpartum sleep. And there is little reason to suppose that doing so represents the natural state for human kind. Here are tips...

Nest Bleecker Diaper Bag in Black - NST-SPD10-200 - Baby Gear sku

Nest Bleecker Diaper Bag in Black - NST-SPD10-200 by Nest Diaper Bags

Item description: This Baby Gear Designer Diaper Bags product is by Nest Diaper Bags - Perfectly pleated in every way by Nest Diaper Bags. Feminine accents on the Bleecker are fashioned in a canvas-look nylon and polished off with cool silver hardware and a little shine. VEGAN *12" H x 17" W x 7" D *Nylon Canvas/Faux Patent Leather Trim *Custom hardware *Exclusive lining *Come in 2 great colors: Black or Gray... Learn More

Manufacturer: Nest Diaper Bags begin life in style

Category: Designer Diaper Bags


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