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Jan 18, Is your child securely attached?

We hear a lot about secure attachment relationships. But what exactly do researchers mean by this term How do they judge if a child is securely attached And what can we do to nurture secure attachments...

Jan 11, Talking to babies: How friendly eye contact can make infants tune in -- and mirror your brain waves

New brain research suggests that when we talk to babies, eye contact is a crucial cue. It appears to be the signal for babies to pay deep attention -- and syncronize their brain activity with ours. Read more about it in my latest piece....

Jan 4, Tech before bedtime: Do electronic media devices cause sleep problems in children?

Is your child resisting bedtime Sleeping poorly Excessively sleepy during the day Electronic media could be partly to blame. Blue light emitted by electronic screens can reprogram the brain, delaying the release of melatonin, the hormone of drowsiness. In addition, stimulating media content may make it harder for kids to fall asleep, and even contribute to nightmares. Here is a guide to the evidence, and some tips for ensuring your children get the sleep they need....

Dec 20, Is that sing-song "baby talk" voice good for babies?

Its probably the weirdest form of baby communication -- that high-pitched, musical voice that repeats words and overemphasizes emotions. Does this happen to you You might feel silly, but take comfort in the fact that youre not alone. Mothers do it. Fathers do it. Children do it. People lacking experience with babies do it. And babies prefer it. They even appear to learn from it....

Dec 14, Can Lego bricks and other construction toys boost your child's STEM skills?

Where does mechanical aptitude come from What makes some kids excel in STEM, architecture, or design Studies suggest that early experiences with construction -- designing new creations, and following blueprints -- hone crucial spatial skills....

Dec 11, Please defend net neutrality. It allows websites like this one to exist!

I dont usually write about topics like this. This isnt a tech blog. But in the United States, the FCC is planning to dismantle current rules for net neutrality. Such a plan could make Parenting Science unviable. Indeed, the dismantling of net neutrality rules could put many of your favorite content creators out of business, and stifle innovation in the future. So it seems stupid not to share the news with my readers, many of whom live in the United States. What is all this about What can we d...

Nest Bleecker Diaper Bag in Black - NST-SPD10-200 - Baby Gear sku

Nest Bleecker Diaper Bag in Black - NST-SPD10-200 by Nest Diaper Bags

Item description: This Baby Gear Designer Diaper Bags product is by Nest Diaper Bags - Perfectly pleated in every way by Nest Diaper Bags. Feminine accents on the Bleecker are fashioned in a canvas-look nylon and polished off with cool silver hardware and a little shine. VEGAN *12" H x 17" W x 7" D *Nylon Canvas/Faux Patent Leather Trim *Custom hardware *Exclusive lining *Come in 2 great colors: Black or Gray... Learn More

Manufacturer: Nest Diaper Bags begin life in style

Category: Designer Diaper Bags


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