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Apr 22, Celebrate Earth Day, get involved in political change

On this Earth Day, lets remember that one of our most important duties as parents is to pressure policymakers. Our kids cant vote. They canít stop politicians from denying children their birthright Ė a society that pulls together to fight the disastrous consequences of pollution and climate change. But we can....

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Apr 5, Nightmares and night terrors in children: Causes and treatments

Night terrors in children are surprisingly common, though not as prevalent as nightmares. How do we tell the difference, and what can parents do to cope...

Mar 29, Correcting behavior: How to help kids learn from their mistakes

Correcting behavior Studies suggest the best approach is positive and constructive. When kids make mistakes, we should ask them to think about solutions....

Mar 22, Spanking children: Why does it happen, and what are the effects?

What does research tell us about spanking children As a discipline tactic, it isnt very effective. And studies indicate that spanking can cause lasting harm....

SKU-DS-PPGO-19722 Primo Viaggio SIP 5-70 Convertible Car Seat - Rouge from Bunny Bury Baby  sku

Primo Viaggio SIP 5-70 Convertible Car Seat - Rouge - DS-PPGO-19722 by Peg Perego

Item description: This Baby Gear Baby Car Seats product is by Peg Perego - The Primo Viaggio SIP 5-70 Convertible Car Seat - Rouge can hold a child in rear-facing position up to 45 pounds and in forward-facing position up to 70 pounds. Easy to adjust Side Impact Protection keeps your child safe as he grows. The Primo Viaggio SIP 5-70 Convertible can be fastened to vehicle by means of standard lap or lap/shoulder vehicle belts; or, by using the adjustable LATCH connectors that easily reposition for forward or rear-facing installation. Our Convertible seat is made with premium Fresco Jersey material which is a breathable easy to clean fabric that keeps your child comfortable and protected.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Peg Perego

Keywords: Convertible

Category: Baby Car Seats


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