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SKU-DS-ED-BT-POTTY-N BecoThings - BecoPotty in Natural from Bunny Bury Baby  sku

BecoThings - BecoPotty in Natural - DS-ED-BT-POTTY-N by Becothings

Item description: This Baby Gear Travel Accessories product is by Becothings - The BecoPotty by BeccoThings is eco-friendly. Each pottie is made from waste plant material. So, while they'll last for years in your home, they won't start biodegrading until you pop them in your garden. It is also ergonomically designed making it comfortable for baby and easy to use. The high back offers extra support, while the large splash-guard helps keep potty training hygienic. Our potty is not only kind to your baby, but also the environment.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Becothings

Category: Travel Accessories


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