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Nov 8, What happens when adults lie to children?

When adults lie to children, does it set a bad example Research suggests the effects depend on a childs age. But overall, the effects are negative. When kids discover wed lied to them, they become less trusting and less truthful in their dealings with us....

Nov 1, What is colic? An evidence-based guide to excessive infant crying

What is colic Colicky babies cry excessively and inconsolably, and may suffer from underlying medical conditions. Learn whats normal, whats not, and why you should talk to your doctor if you observe signs of colic....

Oct 25, Why kids rebel: What kids believe about the legitimacy of authority

They aren’t anarchists; nor are they scheming to run the world. On the contrary, kids – even teenagers – are ready to be cooperative. But they recognize limits to our power, and when we overreach those limits, kids regard reject our authority as illegitimate....

Oct 19, Vote for a better future

We must hold our politicians accountable, because our kids cannot. Vote for representatives who respect facts and democratic norms. People who reject science must not control our children’s future....

Oct 11, Compassionate deception: Do children tell lies to be kind?

Do children tell prosocial lies – lies intended to protect another person from harm Fascinating experiments indicate that many kids are capable of this by the age of 7, and some children show the capacity even earlier....

Oct 4, Punitive environments encourage children to tell lies

Its not unusual for kids to tell lies, but their readiness to deceive depends on the social environment. When adults attempt to control children through threats and punishments, kids are more likely to cover-up their transgressions. What can we do about it...

SKU-DS-DORE-18204 Safety 1st Disney Music & Lights Walker - Sweet As Honey from Bunny Bury Baby  sku

Safety 1st Disney Music & Lights Walker - Sweet As Honey - DS-DORE-18204 by Dorel Juvenile

Item description: This Baby Gear Walkers & Swings product is by Dorel Juvenile - Help your little one learn to walk with the Safety 1st Disney Music & Lights Walker - Sweet As Honey by Dorel Juvenile. This adorable Branching Out walker includes a washable padded seat, and has a feature that allows you to adjust the height as your child grows. Child must be able to sit up unassisted and must be taller than 32 inches. Weight limit: 30 lbs.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Dorel Juvenile

Category: Walkers & Swings


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The Natural Flow Polypropylene Standard Bottle - 8oz/Clear by Dr. Browb was invented by a doctor and tested on his own children when they were babies, so you can rest assured that this product is as safe, as it is, effective. This revolutionary baby bottle features a patented no vacuum design. It helps colicky babies settle down or sleep. This reduces colic, spit up, burping and gas. This helps prevent fluid in the ear. It is easy to clean, dishwasher safe. This is BPA free. ...See The Price